Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mix veg-Lemon Soup

There are some days when you keep thinking of food- all the time. Nothing you eat would seem to satiate that appetite. It comes with the territory of cooking light food. Less oil, less carbs and add to that super fast metabolism (touch wood!), end result is perpetual hunger. 
And then there are those odd days when you go out and end up eating out. All the oil and masala in the food ends up creating a really heavy tummy. For days like these, a soup and a salad are the best follow up meals. Light and filling, they help wash down all the junk. 
I was looking at making the lemon and coriander soup that is normally served in the restaurants. It is more like a dal with loads of coriander and lemon in it. While searching for a recipe, i stumbled upon this recipe on Good Food. 
I followed something similar to make a mixed vegetable and lemon (grass) soup. 

Preparation Time  15 Minutes
Serves  2

Carrot         1 small
Potato         1 small
Onion          1 small
Garlic           a couple of pods
Lemongrass            about 4-5 blades
Cumin powder        half tsp
Coriander powder   half tsp
Split Moong Dal      3 tbsp
Salt               to taste
Pepper          to taste
Juice of half a lemon
Coriander      for garnishing
Butter            1 tsp


In a pressure cooker, add some butter. Add the sliced onions and garlic. Once it turns translucent, add the diced vegetables. I have added a potato and carrot here. 

Wash the moong dal and add to the cooker. Season with salt. Maybe add a chilli or two if you need it spicy. Add cumin and coriander powder to this. Add water until all the ingredients are soaked in it. Top it with the lemon grass.
 Pressure cook until 2 whistles. 
Once the pressure is off, remove and discard the lemon grass. Let it cool. Blend it in a mixer. I ground it slightly coarsely. The feeling when you get a piece of cooked, soft, slightly sweet carrot or potato in the soup is something else! 
Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. Garnish with coriander and a dash of lime. Warm and hearty, this soup will never disappoint! Instead, it certainly will cheer you and your tummy up! 


  1. Hi
    First Time here . I liked alot your recipes very nice and unique one. Happy to follow you.

  2. Thanks Subhashini!
    Saw your blog too! Am waiting to see if i get some brussel sprout to make the muttakosu fry that you have made!