Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A step closer to nature

People who know me well know for the fact that i am a sucker for good advertisements. One of the repercussions of this is the desire to buy all new things on the shelves in the supermarket. If the commercial is good, the product ought to be good! I have been carried away by commercials one too many that promise beauty in a bottle. I have spent loads of money in the secret hope that the product will give me the much needed reprieve from oily skin and erase away the zits like magic. It took me so many wasted purchases, lots of money down the drain and zero change in my skin to realize that every bit of it is hogwash.
To top it, I read this on the Forest Essentials website:
"If you were offered a meal with Celyl alcohol, 10 Dopropyl, Butyl carbonate, Sodium Sulfonate, Discodium EDTA, BHT, Red dye # 17, Yellow die # 10 and CT # 7scent, would you care to eat it? Millions of people, you may be one of them, “ eat” these chemicals every day, since they are standard ingredients in some of the bestselling Brand name moisturizers and soaps in our country!"

It got me thinking about what i was feeding my skin on a daily basis! Hence a move towards things natural. To use on my skin what i can consume as food. So my daily face cleansing comes from aloe vera gel and gram flour. 

When mixed with some apricot powder once a week, it turns into an amazing scrub! 
Cold weather? Hydrate your skin with the goodness of coconut oil. I can't think of a better moisturizer than this! It goes on the hair, in the skin and cooking. How much safer can it get? Can lay your hands on Organic extra virgin coconut oil? Nothing better than that. If not that, our good old Parachute will also do! 
  Need more intense moisturization? Try Cocoa Butter or Shea butter. 
My friend got me a tin of Organic Shea Butter from Vitamin Shoppe in the US. Shea butter is a lot like beeswax only that it has like some one hundred benefits. You could use it as is by rubbing it a little between your palm or fingers to melt it, or make a 1:1 mixture of Shea butter with olive oil or coconut oil. Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil if you want a pleasant fragrance. Your own personal customized solution for all things ranging from dry skin to cracked heels to chapped lips! Oh yes, it also claims to do wonders to reduce wrinkles and fine lines! If you are still not convinced, turn over your favorite anti aging creme and check its ingredients. The number of chemicals that go into it will convert you too! 
This is a start for me. This new year, i have gotten rid of most products in my dresser that reek of chemicals. I emptied my last shampoo bottle last year to start using an organic hair wash powder that i picked up during my last trip to Ooty

Now the only vice that remains is the love for fragrances. I don't know if they come in the organic way. Any which ways, since they go on the clothes and not on the skin and since i love them way too much, am going to continue using them till this batch that i have gets over! 
 Beyond all this, what matters is that you eat good food, exercise  and remain happy. Nothing beats that! A Happy and Healthy 2013 to all of you. Treasure all your blessings! 

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