Thursday, November 29, 2012

Masala Chapathi

I had leftover roti dough in the fridge that i was planning to use tonight for making phulkas as usual. Suddenly i was reminded of a sindhi dish called Koki that my friend had made a couple of days back and posted about. It was a really simple recipe with not too many ingredients. I decided to use the existing chapathi dough that i had and extend it by adding the other ingredients. I have adapted the recipe from Jyothi's Sindhi Koki recipe and made what i called the Masala Chapathi.

Preparation Time     5 Mins
Cooking Time         15 Mins


Wheat Flour          1 cup
Onion                    1, finely chopped
Coriander Leaves   a few sprigs, finely chopped
Jeera                      1 tsp
Salt                         to taste
Green Chili              2, chopped
Water                     for making the dough
Oil                           for the dough
Butter                      for greasing the chapathis


I already had a little bit of the chapathi dough. So what i did was to add the remaining ingredients, a little more wheat flour for binding along with some water and kneaded it well.

Now divide the dough into equal sized balls to make the chapathis. Use some flour and roll out the dough just as you would make the chapathi. On a tava, cook it on both sides on medium heat.

Grease the chapathis with butter. You could use ghee or oil instead. Serve hot with dahi or pickle. Apparently, it can be eaten alongwith tea too. Am gonna try it tomorrow morning :)
For now, dinner is the masala chapathi with rice and a sprouted brown lentils curry.

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