Saturday, November 24, 2012

Basale Soppu in Curd

Basale Soppu or Basella Alba is a leafy vegetable which I was introduced to sometime ago, thanks to my Havyaka friends. The leaf, that is also known as Malabar Spinach is supposedly as healthy as regular spinach, containing Vit C,A and iron. First look, it is bright green with big leaves and a sturdy stalk.

When you operate it on the chopping board, you will see that it gives out the sticky mucous, like the ladies finger.Simply wash it well and chop it roughly in order to use it in your preparations.

Common way of cooking it is to make a stir fry or a sambar. What i made is a  Thayir Pachadi or tambLi as it is known in Karnataka, just as i make one out of bhindi. Once the leaves are prepped, it just goes into the pan for frying, doesn't need constant attention and is easy to put together.

Preparation Time  10 Mins
Cooking time        10 Mins


Basale Soppu/ Malabar Spinach                1 Bunch
Mustard Seeds                                          1 Tsp
Jeera Seeds                                               1 Tsp
Hing                                                          1 Pinch
Garlic                                                        2-3 pods, crushed
Ghee                                                         for tempering
Curd                                                        1 cup
Coconut                                                   2 Tbsp, grated
Salt                                                          to taste

Heat a Tbsp of ghee in a pan. Add to it the mustard, jeera and hing. Once the mustard splutters, add to it the crushed garlic and roughly broken red chillies.

Once the garlic changes color, add the chopped basale leaves. Add salt immediately if you want the leaves to retain color. Cook until the leaves wilt and lose their crunch.

Now simply stir in this mixture into a bowl of curd. Add the grated coconut and adjust the salt.

The stalk of these leaves makes for a great ingredient for chutney. The chutney recipe is for another time. For now, the Basale Soppu TambLi is ready to eat with hot rice or rotis.

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