Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Detox Water

It happens way too often to me that i pick up a box of snacks, just to have a little something while reading a book, and i end up eating it up whole! What follows is a heavy queasy stomach and a lot of regret at having eaten so much junk!
This time around, when the same thing happened after an overdose of snacking at home, Amma told me about this particular detox drink. I googled it and found that a lot of people do something like this for cleansing and weight loss. So out came the saved up Snapple bottles and we set out to put together our detox drink.
What i really loved about it is that it is extremely refreshing, zero on calories, so easy to put together and so good on the stomach.

Preparation Time: 5 Mins
Calories: Zero


1 liter water
A sprig of mint
Half an english cucumber
An inch of cinnamon
Half a lemon


Clean the cucumber, mint and lemon. Cut one half of the lemon into quarters. Chop the cucumber with its peel into long slices.
Now simply drop all the ingredients into a one liter bottle. I wanted to increase the good looks quotient of the drink and used two snapple bottles to make the drink.
 Add water to the bottle and put it in the fridge and leave it overnight.
Remove it from the fridge the next morning. You could let it return to room temperature if you do not prefer to drink it up cold.
There is no need to strain. Simply pour yourself a glass. Keep sipping it through the day. It helps cleanse your system. The drink is packed with the freshness of the cucumber and mint and the tang from the lemon. The cinnamon adds a nice woodsy flavor to it.
Do not throw the cucumbers. You can eat them up once you pour out the water. So also use the remaining juice from the lime.
So next time you binge, try this to reduce the after effects!

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